HealthyLife Weight Loss Plan®

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We believe individuals are different and weight loss plans should be unique and holistic, taking into consideration, one’s proclivities, environment, gender, habits and attitudes.

The information you give will help us come up with a plan unique to you. The HealthyLife weight loss plan is a no judgement plan. Answering honestly will help us understand how to help holistically. 
Please do not solicit any help while filling out this form. All information are confidential and will NEVER be shared with anyone
  • In Kilograms
  • In feet
  • Your doctor should certify you fit for this program. Should you chose to proceed without consulting your doctor, note that HealthyLife Weight Loss Plan is absolved from any liability
  • e.g diabetes, hypertension, heart failure
  • e.g 8am-5pm, Morning shifts, Night shifts
  • e.g Salads, High carb foods, Soups, Fufu and soup, Sandwich, Burrito, Burger, Beans
  • e.g Breakfast; Toast and tea, bacon and eggs, Lunch; Salads
  • Soda, pop, beer, wine, water, fruit juice,
  • e.g wearing big clothes to hide your size or shape
  • Diet, exercise, low carb diet, keto diet, Mediterranean
  • Choose all that apply
  • Save or upload your current picture

    You may save your current picture privately to your device or upload it to our secure database. Saving or uploading your current picture will help track your progress visually. It will serve as the before to your after weight loss picture. Uploaded images will NEVER be shared with anyone or publicly without your full permission.


We are here to HeLP

Just like you would not buy a gadget without a manual, you are entitled to knowing what your body needs. We'd like to send you information necessary to make healthier choices at no cost to you, a healthier you is our gratification.